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My name is Kelly Wise.

I have been editing and proofreading for twenty-two years. I am a certified editor and proofreader with a  Graduate Certificate from NYU in Proofreading, Copy Editing, and Fact Checking. I founded Wiser Words, Etc. out of a pure passion for reading and editing. My love for words and language and stories have come together to form a truly amazing place where I help authors make their stories error free. Get in touch to learn more about how I can help you with your proofreading and line editing needs.

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Liz Talley

Women's Fiction 

and Romance

USA Today 

Best-Selling Author

Kelly did a final pass on my manuscript and caught many typos and incorrect uses. It's almost impossible to catch every little mistake, but Kelly's expertise and suggestions made me feel more confident about pressing the upload button on KDP. From cold reads to final passes, you can trust Kelly to help get your manuscripts into top shape.

Virgil Brown


Almost Famous in Alberta

& Other True Stories

Kelly Stetson Wise did a fine job of editing my book. I am a first-time author, and it was great to have her knowledgeable assistance. Proper grammar and punctuation are not among my natural gifts. She zeroed in right away on things that needed fixing. She double-checked what things were really called and amended the words on the page to reflect the facts. She has a very proactive and positive attitude. She was looking out for my best interests, all the while finding the tiny mistakes that plague most writers. If you're searching for an editor, I strongly recommend Kelly. She brought my book to a higher level of quality.

Annette Bower

Award-winning author of

Sweet Romance

Follow the Swallow Home

Kelly advertises on The Romance Writers of America website. I trust the site for qualified resources. I read Kelly's qualifications and knew that she could help me with my story. I am traditionally published by a small press, and I try to submit the best product I can to my editor for her to judge if she will accept my novel for publication. Kelly was available, and in a short time, she had my manuscript back to me for me to polish before submission. I am pleased to say, the novel was accepted. It does go through another round of edits or two from the publisher, but those edits are not as numerous or troublesome as they would have been without Kelly's expertise. 

Kelly has graciously been available to answer questions about my novel, and she helped me brainstorm titles when the publisher requested a title other than my working one. She is generous with her expertise. Thank you, Kelly, for assisting Follow the Swallow Home to reach readers with a story that is clear and enticing. 

Jay Crownover


New York Times 

Best-Selling Author

I've worked with Kelly on multiple novels across many genres of romance. Her attention to detail is unparalleled, and her feedback has been invaluable for each book. 10/10 would recommend having her give any project a lookover before publication.

Dr. Norma Lee

Christian Devotional

Tracks to Heaven 2

When I began to search for an editor, some key factors I looked for were having a good relationship between the two of us to produce a successful publication, and I needed prompt and professional communication. She guided me through the editing process while never changing the style or voice of my work. Yet, she showed me areas where I could express myself better, more succinctly, and helped to look at my work from a distance. But the most important factors to me were truthful communication of timelines, affordable cost to edit, and genuinely having my interests at heart.

Luanne C. Brown

YA Fantasy

Once in a Pink Moon: The Frog Tale Trilogy

Kelly did a great job as the last editor on my book and caught edits and errors that I missed. She was wonderful to work with. Kelly is kind, has a great sense of humor, and kept to my timeline even though it intersected with a major holiday. I am pleased to recommend her to other authors.

All prices are a guideline. For a more accurate rate, contact me. I may request a small sample of writing to more accurately quote rates.



  • Grammar, Punctuation, and 

       Capitalization Errors

  • Misspellings, Usage Errors, and Clarity Issues

  • Sentence Structure

Checking Text on a Document

Line Editing

  • Basic Fact Checking (extensive FC will be an additional cost)

  • Dialogue

  • Overuse of Modifiers

  • Repeated Words/Phrases

  • Verb Tenses

  • Point of View Consistency

  • Sentence Structure

  • Chapter Breaks

  • Grammar and Punctuation

Coffee in Bed

Final Read


  • Missing or Repeated Words, Misspellings

  • Homophone and Usage Errors 

  • Obvious Punctuation Errors 

  • Distracting Sentence Structure or Word Choice

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