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My name is Kelly Wise.

I have been editing and proofreading for 22 years. I am a certified editor and proofreader with a  Graduate Certificate from NYU in Proofreading, Copy Editing, and Fact Checking. I founded Wiser Words, Etc. out of a pure passion for reading and editing. My love for words and language and stories have come together to form a truly amazing place where I help authors make their stories error free. Get in touch to learn more about how I can help you with your proofreading and line editing needs.

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Jay Crownover


New York Times 

Best-Selling Author

I've worked with Kelly on multiple novels across many genres of romance. Her attention to detail is unparalleled, and her feedback has been invaluable for each book. 10/10 would recommend having her give any project a lookover before publication.

Dr. Norma Lee

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When I began to search for an editor, some key factors I looked for were having a good relationship between the two of us to produce a successful publication, and I needed prompt and professional communication. She guided me through the editing process while never changing the style or voice of my work. Yet, she showed me areas where I could express myself better, more succinctly, and helped to look at my work from a distance. But the most important factors to me were truthful communication of timelines, affordable cost to edit, and genuinely having my interests at heart.

All prices are a guideline. For a more accurate rate, contact me. I may request a small sample of writing to more accurately quote rates.



  • Grammar, Punctuation, and 

       Capitalization Errors

  • Misspellings, Usage Errors, and Clarity Issues

  • Sentence Structure

Checking Text on a Document

Line Editing

  • Basic Fact-checking

  • Dialogue

  • Overuse of Modifiers

  • Repeated Words/Phrases

  • Verb Tenses

  • Point of View Consistency

  • Sentence Structure

  • Chapter Breaks

  • Grammar and Punctuation

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Final Read


  • Missing or Repeated Words, Misspellings, Homophone and Usage Errors 

  • Obvious Punctuation Errors 

  • Distracting Sentence Structure or Word Choice

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